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This is urgent! Get your coronavirus protection now!

You can still keep on rockin’ in quarantine with this hella stylish high quality facemask.

These face masks contain 2 layers of fabric: an organic cotton interior and a polyester exterior for healthy wearing. The item is very stretchy and fits most with ease, and can be washed and worn again and again

Fabric on Inside: 100% Organic Cotton
Fabric on outside: 84% Polyester/ 16% spandex exterior

Note: Not medical grade. Not comparable to N95 masks.

Checklist for mask use

  1. Make sure you have as many masks as you need during the day
  2. Carry with you a bottle of hand sanitiser and extra masks to switch out if necessary
  3. Wash or disinfect your hands before putting on a new or clean mask
  4. Put the mask on your face well before stepping on board a public transportation vehicle
  5. Make sure that the mask sits tightly against your face and covers your mouth, nose andchin
  6. Do not touch your mask or move it under your chin or on your forehead when wearing it
  7. If you touch the mask while wearing it, wash and disinfect your hands before and aftertouching it
  8. Do not put on a mask again after you have taken it off
  9. If your mask gets wet or dirty, replace it with a new one
  10. Remove your mask with clean hands by grasping the ear loops. Do not touch the outsidepart of the mask when removing it
  11. Put a reusable mask to a plastic bag or directly into the washing machine
  12. Wash or disinfect your hands after taking off the mask
  13. Always wash your cloth masks in a 60-degree wash cycle after wearing them or boil themfor five minutes in water
  14. Rinse the mask and hang it to dry in a place with fresh air

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 05 cm
Facemask Size

Standard (11,5 x 21,5 cm / 4,5" x 8,5")

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